Terra Madre 2007



Slow Food is a membership based organisation. Part of the membership fee is retained by the convivium you join towards their operating costs. The balance is sent annually to Slow Food in Italy.


To get maximum benefit from being a member it is important to actively participate.



After completing the attached application form we can accept cash payment in RON or you can pay by credit card and join online selecting Romania and then your preferred convivium. See below for list of current convivia in Romania.



Convivium leader

Alba Transilvania

Moga Marilena Nicoleta

Str. Dr. Ioan Ratiu nr. 31, bl. L2, ap. 7, 510045 - Alba Iulia

M: +40 735 406 522

E: moga_marilena@yahoo.com


Our activities  include workshops, conferences, games etc

Palamari Manuela

Grivitei 73-75

500198 - Brasov (Transilvania)

M: +40 723 656 024

E: manuelapalamari@palamaris.ro


Paraschiv Gabriel

Bdl. Victoriei 11, bl. 35, sc. A, ap. 26

500214 - Brasov

M: +40 722 837 052

E: rogpa@chr-hansen.com

Brusturoasa Palanca

Zamfir Camelia

Centrul pentru conservarea traditiilor

Str. Principala


607075, jud. Bacau

T: 0234 381 000

M: +40 745 075 153

E: zamfir.camelia@gmail.com

Bucuresti-Valahia Gusturilor

We concentrate our efforts on advocating Slow Food policies in interviews, public appearances, whenever and wherever they occur (traditional media, social media). Sometimes we have the occasion to contribute to public policies debate. Among our members are food artisan producers and entrepreneurs (cheese making, meat and fish smoked products, traditional cooked food, bistro farm-to-table)

Cazacioc Tiberiu

Str. Constantin Radulescu Motru 16, bloc 21, sc.D, etaj 9, ap. 176

040365 - Bucharest 4

M: +40 742111119

E: tiberiu.cazacioc@gmail.com

Cluj Transilvania

Cuibus Lucian

Calea Manastur 3-5, cam 90

400372 - Cluj, Napoca

M: +40 726 313 839

E: luciancuibus@gmail.com


Well, we were partners in this one educational project with Slow Food Turda - and some of the activities were in Cluj, but we are mostly doing work in Iasii, as Slow Food Iasi

Just to give you a general idea of our projects we have been focusing on children education a lot - we are doing the In What Sense? children education workshop series every year since we started as a Convivium in Iasi.

Then we initiated the first edible school garden in the region (Melcul Verde) - this is going to be the 3rd year of its life and it grew pretty nicely, from a tiny 6 raised beds garden to a big lot that uses principles of permaculture, raised beds, field sowing, insect hotels, mostly developed by children (3rd to 12th grade) under the coordination of one teacher. The kids have plenty of crops, they even took some of the veggies home, they had some radishes and rucola sprouting over winter - they had picnics and sold some of the veggies to raise money to increase the garden. It is a wonderful project.

We also organize seasonal buffets - conviviality brunches, based on local and seasonal produce. The last one we had was a lovely brunch in December for Terra Madre Day - an all veggies/pre-Christmas vegetarian/vegan menu that sold out fairly fast.

We started the - Masters of Food in - educational workshops for adults, too, a couple years ago. It is based on the framework of the original Master of Food in from Slow Food International - but that happened sparingly, due to lack of funds. We have done the Master of Food in Honey as a pilot project - which seemed successful and we have been planning a Master of Food in Mushrooms to educate adults on foraging and seasonal mushrooms picking.

And obviously, we are also involved in multiple one-time events that support local producers - from conviviality meet ups, to screenings, partnering with local NGOs for fairs, festivals or pop-up events, depending whether the events follow-up the core values we share and pursue for good, clean, fair food.

You can find more details about each project and about what we do in general on the website at http://slowfoodiasi.ro/ or drop a line if you have other questions.

Trofin Adela Maria

Str. Ana Ipatescu, Bl. 3, Ap. 6, Et. 2

725200 - Falticeni, Suceava

M: +40 724 274 168

E: adela@adelicii.ro

W: www.slowfoodiasi.ro


Dizmacsek P. Vlad

str Oltului no 3

430344 - Baia Mare

M: +40 733404404

E: vladdizmy@gmail.com


My Transylvania

Promovam patrimoniul local si cultura gastronomica prin evenimente alternative

Cismaru Cristian Valentin

Str. A. lancu Nr. 11 Apt 7

550407 - Sibiu

M: +40 722 396 755

W: eat-local.ro

E: asociatie@mytransylvania.ro

Tara Barsei

Bell Gavin

Str Mihai Eminescu 6

507055 - Cristian, Brasov

M: +40 727 876476

E: gavin@foodnatureculture.com

Tara Silvaniei

Chirila Laura

Piata 1 Decembrie 1918 no. 11, room 14

450151 - Zalau

M: +40 744 650 582

E: laurachirila@salajplus.ro

Tarnava Mare

Our main activity  is courtyard  dining but we  also have projects to promote heirloom tomatoes (now registered on the  Ark of  Taste, to introduce school children to understanding where their food comes from and the concept  of  Slow Food.

Turnbull Jim

Str Principala nr. 354

547510 - Saschiz, Mures

M: +40 740993965

E: jim@fooddevco.com


Lazar Gabriela

Str. M. Ioan Stanciu no. 3C, Ap. 12

300720 - Timisoara, Timis

M: +40 729 814 908

E: gabriela.marica@cika-romania.ro


Pozsonyi Marta

Ion Moldovan 9

401168 - Turda, jud. Cluj

T: +40 264 312 785

E: martapozsonyi@yahoo.com